OUr Vision . . .

We have a vision of a church where you can be both and, where faith is found in a complex world, and where the depth of God’s truth is something we grow into and experience.

to explain this, we came up with some both-and statements, ideas to explain who we are and are not.

We take the Bible seriously, but not literally.

We have have teachings but openness to thinking

Strong substance with the freedom

A strong foundation with a free spirit

Warmth that is not shallow

Historically rooted but moving with the Spirit

We don’t speak for God, we listen to how God speaks

It’s about being, not being better

We value compassion more than being right

Faith is not an insurance policy, it’s in the here and now

Compassionate, informed, and critical thinking

Embracing love, casting out fear

Theologically grounded and exploring doubts

Not a lifeboat for a few but a banquet for all

Not a life without pain, but sharing our struggles together

Go through life exploring, rather than trying to be safe

Easy to find joy, honest about the pain

We experience the God who is both infinitely loving yet stretches and challenges us