Classes Offered

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We have 3 three-year old Classrooms, and 2 four-year-old classrooms.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 9am-Noon    $160.00 a month

Tuesday/Thursday, 9am-Noon             $120.00 a month

Monday-Friday, 9am-Noon                   $210.00 a month


Optional Services

Early Birds allows your child to come in one hour early.  This is a more relaxed environment but children will be engaged with centers and activities.  The cost for this is $3.00 a day and runs from 8am-9am.  We then take your child to their assigned classroom at 9 for the start of their preschool program.

Lunch Bunch allows your child to stay after the preschool session ends to enjoy lunch together.  Their teacher will take them to the Lunch Bunch room at noon and sign them in.  You provide the lunch.  After they eat, the children can have free choice time until 1pm.  This hour service is $3.00 a day.