What We Offer - What Sets Us Apart


Our academic curriculum caters to the needs of our preschoolers. 

Our staff works together to plan the curriculum which includes the development of fine motor skills, large motor skills, literature, math, and science.  Our goal is to ensure that your child is socially and academically ready for Kindergarten.  We also do year-end assessments that you can take with your child to their Elementary School when enrolling them for Kindergarten.  Our assessment will help the school place your child in the best suited classroom.

Once a week your child will attend a 15-20 min. chapel lesson.  Our chapel lesson is Christian based and right out of a Children’s Bible.  They will hear a story, sing a song, do a small craft, and end in the Lord’s Prayer.  We also pray before we eat snack and lunch.  We are committed to teach the preschoolers about God’s love for us and instilling Christian values that they will carry on with them.

Lord of Grace preschool offers several programs throughout the year for our families to enjoy.  We provide a Christmas program, Art Show, Trike-a-Thon, and Graduation program- just to name a few.  Fun for the whole family to enjoy as we fellowship together.

We have a nice, spacious playground that offers plenty of shade and stimulating fun toys for the children to play.  Outside time is generally 20-25 minutes.  If weather is not permitting (rain, too hot, etc.), we will provide the children with an alternative indoor activity in the spacious Fellowship Hall located inside the church building.