Refugee Project - Update for May and June

The Benedictine Monastery is full of men, women and children brought there by officers from Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They crossed the border seeking asylum, hoping to escape violence and poverty. When the Monastery opened its doors in January, it housed around 100 individuals each day – at the present time, the number is 300+. Since that time, many have been released to sponsor homes and relatives who already are established in the U.S. There has been an outstanding response to this effort by local churches and organizations, as 150 volunteers staff the Monastery and see to the needs of these visitors. Most migrants are mothers, children and pregnant women from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and they have traveled for days or weeks, according to Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona. A week ago, the decision was made to keep the Monastery open until the end of July. Other facilities are being identified so that the city of Tucson can continue to provide help to those seeking asylum in the months to come.

The Monastery continues to need help in preparing, delivering and serving lunch and dinner. And, there is a need for many other items - good used clothing (men, women, children and infants), paper goods and food items. Please see the flyer for a listing of all items needed at this time. LOG has committed to preparing/delivering either shredded chicken or homemade vegetable soup on May 18th, June 22nd and July 13th (all Saturdays) – sign up sheets are in the Narthex along with two collection boxes. Items donated will be delivered to the Monastery each week.

This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to be involved. You can help prepare food, or donate needed items, or donate used clothing – there is something for everyone! Please contact Linda Merritt at with questions and for additional information.

The proof of love is in the works. Where love exists, it works great things.

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