Church Council

The Council of Lord of Grace is the governing board for our church. Members are elected on two-year terms, and meet the third Tuesday of each month in the church conference room.

Candy Borstad: President
Colleen Trapp: Vice President
Cory Wulff-Plum
Mason Kus
Emily Clymer:  [email]
Mike Stein

Tom Pitello

Tom Ennen: Treasurer [email]

Linda Lyth: Secretary


We try to keep a flexible and Spirit-led system of leadership for ministries in our church. Committees are mostly self-forming and anyone is free to start new ministries as they see the Spirit move (for the most part). Below is a partial list of some key leaders in the church. If you have any questions about anything, or would like to get involved, contact Pastor Lars or .

Charlie Motzko: Technology [email]

Preschool Advisory Board: Melissa Elias [email]

Patty Clymer: Financial Secretary

Tom Ennen: Newsletter and Treasurer [email]

Corliss Sherry: Prayer Chain Coordinator [email]

Property Committee: Mike Stein

Altar Guild: Carolyn Bernheim